For Employers


Solve the number one employee concern and start creating a productive and motivated workforce by giving them early access to their earned wages with GetPaid.

Recruit faster

Retain better

Increase productivity

Higher engagement

Less financial stress in the workplace

Easy Onboarding

Onboard and maintain your employees with ease with your own dashboard that integrates with your existing payroll system.

You Are In Control

Choose which employees to give this benefit to and how much of their earned wages they can access.

Zero-cost solution for employers

Provide a great benefit that will actually help your employees be in better control of their lives at no cost to you!


"My grandma encountered an accident and needed a quick sum of money to pay for treatment. Thankfully I had GetPaid to access my pay ahead of time to pay the hospital and got my grandma the treatment she needed."
"A large unexpected expense came in which I could not finance as my assets are not liquid and would have been costly to access. I used GetPaid to meet the expense and avoided the need to liquidate my assets."
Ms Tan
"GetPaid is a great way to help employees who may have issues matching bill dates with their salary date. It also spares them the embarrassment of asking for an advance from employers."
Lenny Lim
"I had no choice but to take a loan to pay for some expenses. But recently I have been unable to meet the repayments and now I have to pay late fees as well. Using GetPaid not only helps me pay repayments but also helps me avoid late fees"
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Improving financial wellness is good for business

Alleviate your employees’ stress levels by giving them early access to their earned wages. We will work together to understand your company and tailor a program built for your needs. Get started with GETPAID now!


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