Earned Wage Access (EWA) is a financial wellness solution that enables employees to access wages that they have earned but not yet received. It is not a loan and therefore does not have any repayment time frames, interest charges or late fees. Just a flat transaction fee that the employee pays if they decide to use the service.

Offering access to earned wages is shown to positively impact employers’ biggest pain points – worker productivity, employer brand, retention, and absenteeism.

of employees say that they are unable to defray a sudden expense
of employees say that they will leave their jobs within the next year
employees attribute lower productivity and turnover to financial stress
of employees say they feel more loyal to their employers after introducing GetPaid
of employees say that GetPaid has given them added peace of mind
of employees say that using GetPaid reduces the need to borrow elsewhere


For Employers

Improving financial wellness is good for business. Alleviate your employees’ stress levels by giving them early access to their earned wages.

Easy Onboarding

Onboard and maintain your employees with ease with your own dashboard that integrates with your existing payroll system.

You Are In Control

Choose which employees to give this benefit to and how much of their earned wages they can access.

Zero-cost solution for employers

Provide a great benefit that will actually help your employees be in better control of their lives at no cost to you!

Improving financial wellness is good for business

Offering access to earned wages is shown to positively impact companies’ biggest pain points – worker productivity, employer brand, retention, and absenteeism.


For Employees

Early access to earned wages means that you do not need to wait until your next pay day to receive your pay. Be debt free and manage what you’ve earned anytime anywhere.

Handle Emergencies without Debt

Unexpected and sudden expenses are part of life. Now you can meet these emergencies with your own earned pay.

Eliminate needless borrowing

Reduce and avoid debt from predatory lenders or friends and family. Use your own hard earned pay instead.

Reduce Financial Stress

As this is not a loan, you no longer have to worry about interest charges, repayment time frames, late fees or hidden costs. Access your own earned pay for a flat transaction fee, within 24 hours!

Achieve financial wellbeing with earned wage access – It’s payday anyday with GetPaid.


"GetPaid is a great way to help employees who may have issues matching bill dates with their salary date. It also spares them the embarrassment of asking for an advance from employers."
Lenny Lim
"Partnering with GetPaid has enabled us to provide meaningful and constant support for our staff without hurting our cashflow."
"GetPaid supports us by providing my staff with daily pay which is great plus point when hiring and retaining staff."
Ms Tan


Our Story

GetPaid was co-founded by Mitchell Goh. Mitchell started his professional journey as a social worker. He later moved into an employee benefit and finance role where he remained for over 10 years. During this time, Mitchell saw that a large percentage of employees do not have a viable financial solution to help them out of unforeseen circumstances. The cumulation of his experiences is now driving his passion to improve financial wellbeing amongst employees which gave birth to GetPaid.



You ask,
we answer.


I am interested in signing my employees up. But what is the employer’s role in this process?

As an employee benefit, the employer is required to agree to the terms of service as well as onboard its employees.

I like the idea of my employees having a financial safety net but I am concerned about overuse and misuse.
Financial wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. As such we have put in place several procedures to eliminate overuse and misuse. Contact us to find out what procedures we have put in place.
What happens if an employee were to go on unpaid leave or resign?
Our employer dashboard lets you activate and deactivate individual employees with ease.
Is there a trial period to test it out?
Yes! Get in touch with us and we can set up a trial for a handful of your employees.


Is this a loan?

No! We only give you quick access to the salary you have already earned in your current payroll cycle. it is your pay and GetPaid enables you to get access to that immediately, so no more waiting for payday. Since it is not a loan, there is no interest charge, accrued interest, late fees or hidden charges.

How will my salary be affected?
You will be paid your salary as per normal, minus any wages that you have withdrawn within that pay cycle
How do I remove my account from GetPaid?

You can remove your details from the GetPaid service by running the following:

• Login to GetPaid App
• Go into your User Profile.
• Click on “Delete Account”.
• Your account will be deleted and you will be logged out immediately

I want access to my earned wage! How do I sign up?
Your employer needs to sign up so please refer your employer / HR to us and we will do the rest!

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